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[IP] re: Hope I done good

On Mon, 17 Sep 2001 17:20:51 -0700 Kay wrote:

frustrating, huh?

Our prescriptions are sent to Merck-Medco. They are for a 90 day supply with
refills. So far it works well. Except my insulin was shipped on 9/12 and not
received until 9/15. The "ice" with it was still somewhat cool. The insulin
seems to be ok. Is there any way to tell if it's not cloudy?

I have worked in the medical field for the past several years.  One thing I
learned there that I was never told otherwise - insulin does not have to be
kept cold.  It will stay good for up to a month at room temperature.  As long
as it doesn't get too hot, it's okay.   That's what the pharmacist told me at
the hospital anyway - cause when I started working they were keeping the
patient's insulin in drawers in the medication cart - NOT in the refrigerator
as I had always been taught - so I asked about it and this is what I was told.
We got on the discussion of mail orders and he said when it gets there to put
it in the refrigerator until you need it and it should be fine.

This is what I have been told, anyway.  I won't guarantee it's 100% correct
but I usually take a bottle out of the fridge and leave it in my little case
with my pump stuff and have never had problems.

Deb in Southern Illinois
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