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[IP] Re: Hope I done good ;)

> Nope, the prescription she gave you will not work. They will only
> fill it every 30days -- with a copay of course! as opposed to what
> you really want which is a 90 day supply to be filled 4x a year.
> My cheapo insurance company upped the co-pays and now will only let
> us have 60 days worth of stuff at a time.
> Michael

That's why I had to sit and wait for dr. to emerge again to sign the
re-written new scripts. We have to pay 2-mos co-pay for 3 mos. supplies.
Most of ours comes to $90 each for 90 days!!! The new ins. co. is also
requesting when we get a newly-Rx'd script to get one written for locally
for 14 days and they'll fill the 90-day one in 10-11 days (HA!). My biggest
problem in July, when I was put on an additional BP med, in 10 days it was
obvious it wouldn't work for me - gained 14# water in that time and took 5-6
naps a day. I would have wasted a lot of $$ had I filled it the way they are
requesting. This often happens with a new med. We just got this company
8/1/01 - with MERCK-MEDCO as the script filler!!!! <grrrrrr>  We found out
last week my hugsband has a job for 6-wks to 6 mos. and may have to pay
COBRA to keep this outfit's insurance.

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