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[IP] Hope I done good ;)

Had my endo app't today, and as many of you know, he has kept me in the
guinea-pig stages of pumping and I have learned at least 17 things in the
last couple of years from the 'net that I wasn't previously taught. Today he
came into the room with a medical student who *examined/interviewed* me then
doc came in to finish up and write Rx's.

The student asked what my concerns were (my nephrologist is mostly taking
care of my needs) and I asked if he was going to become an endo specializing
in pumping? He didn't know - hadn't thought about it. I told him to
seriously think about it since it is the gold standard of DM care and he'd
be highly respected in the field. I said we need a good one in the area and
he should at least take a look at it. I advised him to join IP and the
medical group to see the discussions. When we parted, he said thanks and
he'd think about all I said.

Perhaps he will do this. I told him when I started pumping I was #7 in our
area and there were about 10,000 in the world - now there are over 200,000
pumpers and more people need this opportunity. I felt good about what the
outcome may be.

On another note, we have a new ins. co. (grrrrrr - worse than the other one)
as of 8/1/01 and I needed to get all our Rx's written. I forgot the 2 my
hugsband is on and doc said to see *my girls*. I told the temporary nurse
the name. I said I needed them written for 90 days. She said she'd call it
in - I said I had to have them now to mail away. I had to sit and wait 'til
he emerged to sign them.

She brought the Rx's to me and I saw in the body of the script it said #30.
Now, in my non-medical training, I know that means 30 days. I said they
needed to be for 90 days. She said, "Well, I wrote it for 3 refills."

Am I the only patient who sends away for 90-day scripts??? Don't think so.

Jan (62 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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