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Re: [IP] no carry on, the airlines have won another restriction

>Do you people ever watch TV?  They are taking the same carry ons as usual.
>My husband travels all the time and didn't have any trouble Monday getting on
>the plane.  Why make problems where there are none!

I felt that your message was a bit condescending and I don't think any of 
us need that right now.  I do not believe that anyone is trying to make 
more problems, for I think we have enough considering what has happened and 
the shear fact we have diabetes.

I think what people are saying are probably very true statements based on 
what they have heard from the media, friends of theirs traveling, etc.

Today I spoke with a friend who was stuck in Detroit during all this.  He 
went to a TGIF and ordered a steak, no steak was the reply, ok how about 
ribs, no ribs was the reply, ok how about a hamburger.  He received his 
burger and asked for a knife to put mustard etc. on.  He was told no knives 
are allowed to be handed out.

Some individuals are reporting, no nail clippers.

The point I am trying to make is I think we are all going to have our 
experiences and hear various stories so lets just let people what they need 
w/o being nasty or judgmental in any way.

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