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[IP] 200 strips

Long, boring, unless you'd like to read how I waste my time :-)

The Blue Shield limit of 200 / mo is now history for Lily. I was a 
pain to deal with. It seems that they don't care whether or not there 
is a doctors written order or a prescription.

The whole story:
I started with a prescription for 700 strips = 60 day supply. The 
mail order pharmacy takes about 3 weeks to fill an order even though 
they claim 7-10 days -- right!

I took the prescription to the local Walgreens and their computer 
kicked it out indicating that the maximum they could dispense was 200 
for a 30 days supply rather than the 350 I was seeking.
Called BS at 9:15, they insisted they insisted that the 200 limit 
was hard and fast, in spite of the insurance contract language which 
mentions no limits and state law which requires that they cover all 
diabetes supplies.  sigh....... finally I got someone to talked to 
pharmacy services and while I got the same story, they did say that 
the physician could override the policy if the called and/or filled 
out some forms.

Called the docs office -- out of town, staff not in.
Called the clinic advice nurse, she said that Lily's PCP could 
override the insurance company (at least the stories are consistent) 
and to try the PCP. She said if there was difficulty, she would find 
some doc at the clinic that could do it for us.

Called Lily's PCP (very nice by the way :-). Dr. Harvey said she'd do 
what ever was necessary to make it work, just fax her the details, 
which I did a few minutes later.

Within a half hour, Dr. Faxed me a copy of the letter sent to BS 
pharmacy services. I waited until afternoon to give them time to 
get there act together and then called to verify that the override 
was in place NOT! After considerable hassle, extracted the number for 
pharmacy relations from them and called Dr. Harvey's office yet again 
and asked that they call and try to fix the problem. They were very 
nice and said they'd do it asap.

Monday morning! Called BS to verify that the override was in place. 
This was pretty much a repeat of Friday's frustrations, but after 
about 10 minutes the customer service rep gave up and gave me the 
(wrong number) of the pharmcy service group. I called them and was 
informed that while they handled BS pharmacy stuff, that there was 
another group that I really need to talk to  to straighten out the 

Called group #2 and talked to "Ben". Ben listened, looked up the 
records, mumbled at me a little and then said "I put a permanent 
override in place, you shouldn't have any more problems"
sure heh... heh....

With that conversation in mind, on my way home to make a sandwich for 
lunch, I stopped off at Walgreens and gave it another shot.
No luck :-(  The computer kicked it out. I explained my telephonic 
travels to the nice lady at the pharmacy and SHE called BS pharmacy 
services. Lo and behold, they DID have a record that there should be 
an override and withing about 5 minutes I was out of there with 350 
strips paid for with a $25 co-pay. The pharmacy lady asked how long 
the override was good for and was told INDEFINETLY!

Well at least something finally went right!

Insurance companies are such fun (NOT)!
aarrrrggggghhhhhhh  .............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The moral of the story.... don't give up, don't take NO for an 
answer. Even though they meant well, the pharmacy tried to get me to 
take the 200 strips. I knew if I did that I was a dead duck.

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