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Re: [IP] Emergency shots

>  I know that no one can offer medical advice here. But if someone
> can point me in a direction to find such info would be appreciated.
>  Been on the pump 3 years thus far, and for the first time EVER my
> pump's batteries went dead with out me having any batteries at the
> house. Since I live about 25 miles to anywhere to get them, it
> wasn't an option to drive at 2am to get batteries.  My back ups were
> gone. Couldn't find one anywhere.
> I was able to wing it doing shots for about 10 hours, but it wasn't
> easy. I did have a bottle of regular on hand, but I havn't bought
> NPH since prior to the pump.
> How can i figure out a temp basal by using humalog. Any
> suggestions?  I got the Pumping Insulin 3rd edition, but couldn't
> find anything  in there. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong pages.

Your basal requirements don't change just because you don't get the 
insulin from pump infusion. You can simulate the pump by injecting 
the insulin in you skin or the infusion port periodically.

You should check with your doc about this for yourself. My daughter 
get's along fine injecting H every 2 hours or R every 4-5 hours. She 
injects the amount of insulin she would have received from the pump 
during the same period of time. The longest she has done this if 3 
days. Her bg's were fine during that period and she did not change 
her routine.
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