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[IP] Going off temporarily...

Someone asked (I forget who) about how to go off the pump temporarily and go on
multiple daily injections. This stuff below is from the MiniMed Insulin Pump
Therapy book, page 101. Keep in mind this was probably written before Humalog was
released.  I hope it helps.
(I know that if I took 3 hours of my usual basil dose at bedtime (as described in
step 4) I'd probably bottom out in a few hours...)

Guidelines for Switching To Multiple Daily Injections

1. If pump use is to be suspended for fewer than 3 to 4 days, continue using
regular insulin on a schedule of 5 injections per day.

2. Check blood glucose every 4 to 5 hours.

3. Each pre-meal injection should include the following:

    a. Pre-meal bolus based on usual carbohydrate/insulin ratio.
    b. 3 hours of the usual basal dose
    c. Supplemental insulin is added or subtracted based on the pre-meal blood
glucose level
       according to the person's usual supplemental formula.

4. At bedtime, inject 3 hours of the usual basal dose plus any necessary
supplemental insulin.

5. In the middle of the sleep period, inject 3 hours of the usual basal dose plus
any necessary supplemental insulin.

6. If pump use will be discontinued for more than 3 or 4 days, regular insulin
should be taken before meals according to the above schedule, and the usual basal
dose for the overnight period may be taken as NPH at bedtime.
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