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[IP] Toughing it out

Being a diabetic definitely has its drawbacks.  I saw on this list a short 
time ago, that diabetics make an additional 80 decisions a day, that those 
without diabetes don't.  We have to be creative and diligent.  I've seen this 
group come up with solutions to problems, that might have caused others to 
throw up their hands and walk away.  

If we are unable to give blood, so be it.  My mother had acupuncture years 
ago, she can no longer give blood.  Then we need to find other ways to be of 
service.  If we can't take carry on luggage on planes, so be it.  I've heard 
folks talk about not wanting to be set apart from the mainstream because of 
their diabetes, well we won't.  You see it may not be fair that we are 
inconvenienced my the recent turn of events in our country, but its just the 
way it is.  We're tough, we'll find creative ways to deal with the 
limitations that being a diabetic places on our lives.   
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