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RE: [IP]no carry on,the airlines have won another restriction - NOT TRUE

"Andrew B" <email @ redacted> wrote:
I also have not been able to confirm no carry-on luggage.  I can not find
any report on the web of this nor any t.v. station that is reporting it.
One FAA person on tv was stating that they have set new minimum guidelines
for the airports.  Before they re-open they must meet those minimum
Seems to me this is something the airlines have wanted for years, now they
have an excuse for it.


Andrew, all I did was go to the 2 airlines most affected on
Sept. 11, and I found very clearly on their websites that carry-on
luggage is requested to be minimized due to the increased security
checking required.  Only knives are explicitly NOT allowed any more
(used to be up to 4" blade was).  It's hard for me to see this
as the airlines trying to get their way.  On Sept. 11, our 2 
majors each lost 2 entire flight crews & all of those customers, 
had the rest of their organizations traumatized, had their equipment 
used in a terrorist act to kill & destroy.  They did nothing to 
deserve that.  And now they not only have to get their own 
employees to go back to flying, they need to support the general public 
in flying too.  I'd want as much safety as possible.  

They won't ever restrict access to medically necessary equipment - 
so make sure you have your doctor's note for your diabetes supplies 
with you when you travel.   Hope your travels are safe.

Here are some helpful websites:
American Airlines restrictions: 

United Airlines restrictions:


Shelly V, Austin, Tx, mom to Luke, 6, pumping 3/01 

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