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Re: [IP] Re: Blood donor Red Cross guidelines site (and UBS)

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From: "Jack Granowski" <email @ redacted>

> I saw your link for Red Cross and looked up the url for United Blood
> Services qualifications; http://www.unitedbloodservices.org/donate.html
> which is quite a bit less explicit.  The reason that dm'ers are excluded
> not given, only that 'and are not currently taking antibiotics or
> insulin,'  I have sent email and phone calls to every TV station that
> pushes blood drives (we only have UBS for donations in LV) and have yet to
> receive a reply.

Hi, Jack,

We also have UBS in Reno, and I got the same story. I went all the way to
the physician in charge of the organization, but she was unbending and
unyielding. She could give no INTELLIGENT rationale, saying that we used
needles, and therefore our blood was not acceptable. I'm frustrated that
stupid, supposedly educated people who ought to know better are in charge of
such organizations!!!!

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