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Re: [IP] infusion sets for young kids

> parents of young kids (or anyone else who feels like their
> experiences may be
> helpful) - do you suggest trying a different insertion set? or just
> putting
> tape over the sil tape or using a product like mastisol or skin-tac?
> thanks,
> chanie

My daughter's ped. endo insisted that she begin pumping with a set that
had a needle (no sof-set types), and the only things that qualify are
bent-needles or rapids.  She tried the rapid 6 mm and really likes
them.  They are easy to insert (like a thumbtack) and if they come out,
you will be more likely to know.  Disetronic is the only company making
them, as far as I know.  I have used the longer ones and like them, as
well.  I'd suggest them for beginners and for those learning to do
their own inserting.  The needle isn't as intimidating as the Sil
needle.  Yikes!  That thing is scary to me!


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