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[IP] A trip to the ER

 In light of the national disasters of this past
week,perhaps I shouldn't be venting about a really
rough event that happened last Friday.But I feel
fortuenate to be alive,ketoacidosis is no walk in the
park,and I just want everyone to know I'm ok.:)
 It started right after lunch,around 1 pm. Bg's had
been fairly decent that day,so I had no reason to
suspect anything would go skywire.Typical for me,I'd
rushed off to work that day without any extra
insulin,I figured during the rare event that my site
may fail I'd just draw some out of my resevoir with a
syringe to cover me. 
 I don't know how many carbs I'd eaten for lunch,but I
know it should've been amply covered with my bolus.But
by 1 pm,BG was 332.Not worried,(figuring I'd just
underestimated the carbs) I took another 6 unit
bolus,and checked again an hour later.Now my bg was
409,I started to get worried that my site had gone
bad.I took another 10 unit bolus,but knew it probably
wouldn't do any good.It was like I was injecting sugar
water into my body,30 minutes later I was 509.At this
point I tried to draw some insulin into a syringe
(from my resevoir),of course it spilled out all over
the place.(everywhere but into the syringe)Having no
insulin,and starting to feel severly DKA'ish I knew I
had no choice but to get emergency help.I pulled my
set out,and stuck my pump in my pocket for
safekeeping.At the rate I was rising,I wouldn't make
it home to  get some more insulin before passing
out.So I informed a coworker as to my situation,she
made me sit down while she got back up help.By the
time 3 supivisors and a couple other coworkers had
arrived,I was getting dizzy.I proceeded to fall right
off the box I was sitting on right into their arms.My
throat was so dry that it felt like my tongue was
gagging me,I was hot,dizzy,shaking all over,fuzzy
brained,racing heartbeat.They paged an EMT in the
building,she decided that they needed to call the
rescue squad.A few minutes later,the local rescue
squad showed up and took me to the hospital.6 hrs,3 IV
bags,tons more fluid,an 15 units of insulin later I
was 200,99.3 temp and feeling some better.Diagnosis:
Hyperglycemia brought on by viral infection.It took
forever to get things down.After I was discharged,at
home and had a new set put in-I had lows all
night,bounced all over the chart on Saturday,but have
been pretty stable today.I've never had an illness
that did such dramatic things with my bg,and put me in
the ER for that.And my blood sugars have never to any
extreme point where I've gotten aquanted with the
local EMT's in nearly 3.5 yrs with diabetes.Maybe it
happens to all of us,but it sure was embarressing.
  Thanks for listening to my vent!
 One other question-I'm sure this has been covered
before,but why do they always use Regular in IV's?I'm
sure this contributed my later lows.

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