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[IP] Re: Charcot Foot was Gratitude

> Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 20:24:56 EDT
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] Gratitude
> In a message dated 9/15/01 4:46:40 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
> email @ redacted writes:
> What type of deformity? I have a friend who has the same problem

Charcot behaves differently in different people.  I hope your friend can be
helped without surgery.
Originaly the navicular bone had broken and healed.  During that healing
period an orthotic was placed in the air cast that I had to wear for several
months to prevent the arch from falling. That prevented further damage, but
still the foot curved inward making walking difficult and when I wore custom
made shoes with an orthotic, there wasn't enough support and I kept
spraining my ankle.  Each time I had to wear a soft cast for a while, then
undergo physiotherapy to get walking again.  I then wore orthopedic boots

The tight control I achieved while recuperating from the broken leg this
year seems to have changed the following:  the skin on my legs and feet
became more supple and small abrasions or cuts healed very quickly;
more sensation was restored to  my feet  although the neuropathy in my legs
remains the same as before.

 As my leg healed I could not tolerate anything touching it and the
physiotherapist got me to do much work barefoot  to increase my tolerance,
something I had not done before.  The most important thing though was that
because each exercise was supervised by my physiotherapist from beginning to
end  I did not have to worry that I would end up with a Charcot flareup  in
my bad foot.   Strengthening tendons and ligaments I became more comfortable
barefoot than with my orthopedic boots which had been protective, but were
now preventing me from exercising a full range of motion.  The foot became
straighter and so my podiatrist made me orthotics to protect the still
protruding navicular bone from too much pressure and I got new regular
shoes.  I now work out an hour a day and walk about two miles  with no
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