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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #446

> I also have not been able to confirm no carry-on luggage.  I can not find
> any report on the web of this nor any t.v. station that is reporting it.
> One FAA person on tv was stating that they have set new minimum guidelines
> for the airports.  Before they re-open they must meet those minimum
> Seems to me this is something the airlines have wanted for years, now they
> have an excuse for it. Just like the bs with cellphones and computers etc.
> It is so easy to ascribe the prohibition to others  by saying "they have
> mandated it" you know, the ever present they bureau" It was not us, your
> friendly airline." they have restricted the size of carry on stuff so it
> smaller and smaller. I'm not packing my drugs and insulin in a suitcase.

Just to let you all know... my brother is a pilot for Delta.  According to
him, carry ons ARE still allowed.  They are just checked much much better!!!
ps.  Why are we so mad about this anyway, I would rather them I have to
check that better or what is this for or ban me from carrying it (I carry my
rx's with me and my insurance card so I can always go to a pharmacy if my
bags get lost or damaged) than for my airline to get hijacked.  It really
only is for our protection!  Jenni
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