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[IP] Emergency shots

 I know that no one can offer medical advice here. But if someone
can point me in a direction to find such info would be appreciated.
 Been on the pump 3 years thus far, and for the first time EVER my
pump's batteries went dead with out me having any batteries at the
house. Since I live about 25 miles to anywhere to get them, it
wasn't an option to drive at 2am to get batteries.  My back ups
were gone. Couldn't find one anywhere.

I was able to wing it doing shots for about 10 hours, but it wasn't
easy. I did have a bottle of regular on hand, but I havn't bought
NPH since prior to the pump.

How can i figure out a temp basal by using humalog. Any
suggestions?  I got the Pumping Insulin 3rd edition, but couldn't
find anything  in there. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong pages.



PS: please reply to me personally. 
PSS: I went to 3 different stores, no one had batteries. Wal-mart
has only their watch batteries they sell behind the counter, at
$2.84 a pop, it was expensive. NOrmally walmart has energizer 357
for $1.97 per battery.  I got the behind the counter walmart brand,
but I did also find some at kmart for $2.99 per battery.  Well, get
what we paid for. But now I have a back up at home again.  Gee I
wish our insurance would actually cover this stuff!

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