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Re: [IP] Blood donor Red Cross guidelines site

> >your interpretation of the part under "Diabetes" where it says about
> >beef insulin from UK beef-couldn't that apply to anyone who used the
> >old, pre-Human insulins since the beef source could have been UK back
> >then, no restriction on importing beef from UK?
> Does anyone know for a fact if this (beef insulin from UK) is a
> problem for insulin produced in the US? It was my impression that
> insulin had to be processed from the pancreas immediately after
> slaughter and therefore insulin produced in the US could not be
> contaminated due to the importation of beef from the UK.

> Also could someone comment on which insulins were produced from beef
> and which from pork. Over the past 36 years I have taken NPH (prior to
> 1980), Lente, Regular, Humalin R and Humalog. The Humalin and Humalog
> are obviously no problem and the NPH apparently doesn't manner (prior
> to 1980) but what about the Lente and Regular. Are these beef or pork?

Prior to the manufacture of Humalin insulins there were two basic 
types of insulin available from Lilly; Iletin I and Iletin II.  Iletin I was 
the beef/pork mixture and Iletin II was pork only insulin.  Lilly 
literally owned the market on pancreases at that time, so 
importation of beef pancreas would have been detrimental to their 
profit.  I believe the different formulas (NPH, L, UL, R) were all 
available in both Iletin I and II.

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