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[IP] Cheerleading...

Hey, guys...
Y'all may remember my post about a month and a half ago regarding cheerleading
and the pump.  (I'm a university varsity cheerleader.)  I received some good
advice from some folks on here regarding what's worked and hasn't...  Even so,
I was fairly apprehensive going into this season about whether I would find a
way to wear it that worked for *me* both butterflying and basing stunts, etc.
Today was our first game...and I wanted to let everyone who offered me advice
how well it went.
I decided that I'd use my tummy as an infusion site and stick the pump itself
in my sports bra...then be particularly sensitive to the infusion site getting
pulled out during stunts.  The infusion site was fine...and the pump itself
really presented no problem tucked in a part of my bra with plenty of, err,
"cushioning", if you will.  I talked with our head cheerleader about it a
little, too.  Her boyfriend has type one diabetes and is on a pump, too--and
he's one of the university's star basketball players.  She said she knew that
if her boyfriend could play basketball with guys grabbing at him for the ball
in all directions and still find a way to wear the pump successfully that she
knew I could, too, while I cheer.  (This girl even asked *me* where I was
going to keep my glucagon while we were cheering.  How comforting is that?!  A
nice contrast to another girl on the squad who looked at me with pity when she
first saw the pump and tubing and said, "Oh my God...how long are they going
to make you wear that?!")  So at any rate, I'm going to try this tummy
infusion site, bra resting place thing again next week at our away game.  Of
course, I had insulin and a syringe handy in case the infusion site did get
pulled, though I'm not sure I would have needed it.  I cut my basal rate by
about 75% *and* didn't bolus for lunch before the game--and my sugars were
perfect all day.
If only I could be so good at guessing about everything in life...
Erin :)
diagnosed 5/87, pumping 8/01
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