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Re: [IP] Re: Virus email?

> To amend my above post--I meant that I received virus emails as a
> result of being on the IP list--not that I received the virus from
> Insulin Pumpers itself.  Its a small price to pay for being a member
> here.    
> Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
> ----------------------------------------------------------

I'm glad to see that you clarified that, Barbara.  There is really no 
threat of viruses from Insulin Pumpers, except for the fact that the 
other members may transmit them directly to you.  So, if you are a 
member of any list, post to any newsgroup or have any friends that 
you send email to, then you can be a virus victim.    :>(

So we remind everyone, if you are going to use email at all, get an 
Anti/Virus program Installed, keep it Running, and keep it Updated 
at least every two weeks.    :>)

George Lovelace
IP Admin on Duty
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