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[IP] Always, Always check BS after a sight change

I usually take sight changes for granted, sometimes I change whenever
convenient, for instance before going into work or before going to bed. A
few days ago, life was hectic and I changed my sight before going to
bed-that was the only time I could do it anticipating for another hectic day
the next morning. I changed the sight and went to bed-exhausted waking up to
a 280 BG reading. I gave myself a correction bolus and ate some breakfast,
giving myself a bolus for my meal. Two hours later, I felt like crap and my
blood sugar was in the high 300's. I corrected again and the BG reading was
close to the same, so I went home for a sight change. When I pulled the
sight out, the cannula had a bend in it-I haven't had that since changing to
sils a few months ago, so I didn't think. I hope to warn us pumpers not to
second guess that the sight is OK until you re-check your blood sugar,
Luckily I didn't go into DK or have any protein in my urine and Thank God
for that!

God Bless and Happy pumping! Sharon
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