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Re: [IP] Site Rotation

I also use a Tender set by Disetronic, and I
experienced this problem when I first started pumping
as well, and thought it may well be user error as my
insertion technique was supposedly correct. I remember
that as time went on the sites worked better and
better. I think this was a combination of better
insertion technique and trying out different areas of
my body to insert. Not all insertion sites are created
equal, and I imagine the best absorbed and most
comfortable sites are different for everybody. I would
suggest moving the sets around to different sites in
your body. My original team suggested I insert my site
high up on the abdomen -- right under the rib cage.
That absolutely does not work for me, so I use the
fattier areas and also use my upper thighs. I get the
4-5 days out of the set if I need to. Luckily,
insurance has now changed for me and I can get the
Tender 2 sets with an extra infusion set, so I change
more often now, but there was a time when my husband
was out of work and we were insurance-less, and I had
to find a way to buy infusion sets so I was going as
long as possible, sometimes a week at a time, with
each set.

What infusion set do you use? I would like to get 4-5
days out of a set 
before changing. I am new to this (3 weeks) and seem
to have trouble 
with my 
sites. I checked with my doctors and my insertion
technique is correct. 
I use 
the Tender by Disetronic.

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