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[IP] Gratitude

Hello Fellow Pumpers

Yesterday I went shopping with mixed feelings.  I needed a black suit  to
attend the many memorials and services which will surely be part of the Fall

Sad, but grateful, and here is why.

In March I broke my tibia and fibula on my way home from the dentist, less
than a block away.  Just before leaving home I had packed my bag and checked
all my supplies: 2 meters and new strips, batteries,  infusion sets etc.
the whole nine yards.  My thinking was that after my root canal was done, I
could finally  sit back and relax .  All my D related chores were done.

Two hours later I was in an ambulance having slipped on the slushy sidewalk
and I new I had a bad fracture.  Thoughts of losing my leg came to my mind,
after all I have severe neuropathy, I already have a Charcot foot (other
leg) and my right dangling lower leg was now a mess. Then something strange
happened.  I thought: I have to keep my BG under perfect control.  I never
thought I could do this before even with the pump, but Sherry from Bowling
Green had just started sharing on IP how she was tightening her control in
order to have a baby and many pumpers had shared their happy experiences
with tight control and pregnancies, so I decided. MY LEG IS MY BABY. If
Sherry can do it, (tight control) I can too. I started testing right in the
ambulance and was 75. I asked for the glucose tabs in my pocketbook and took
two.  The paramedic called in to the hospital to say that he had a diabetic
who knew what she was doing and again I thought of IP and the messages I had
received at different times from other pumpers when I had problems with
being heard by medical professionals.:  Take charge!!  So I did.  The whole
IP list was in my head that day and it was a powerful force.

I was no longer afraid of the doctors-all of them unknown to me previously
as I was taken to a hospital far from my endo's practice.  I stayed in
charge through  the first and second casting  albeit screaming my head off.
I stayed in charge through the subsequent surgery where a rod and two screws
were inserted in my leg.  I stayed in charge through the following months of
physiotherapy not hesitating to fire a therapist because he was not showing
up on time.  And guess what?  I healed normally, the Charcot foot which had
been deformed after a break in 1992 had now rehaped itself so I could get
out of my orthopedic shoes and into regular shoes and sneakers.   And so my
leg  healed as I worked out one hour a day and I   walked one mile each
afternoon. My insulin needs have changed dramatically over the summer and I
will  review my Basal Rates  with my endo next week (I recently came off the
glucose sensor) and I will share whatever may be of help to other pumpers.

Now you know that though I now own a  somber suit and somber (but not
orthopedic) shoes to go about the business of grieving there remains
enormous joy and gratitude in my heart.  Thank you, friends. for your

Denise Guerin
Type 1 47 years
Minimed 507 3 years
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