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RE: [IP] 100 test strips per month is a joke!

Hi Michael:
Seems lately we are all having trouble regarding our test strips.  Why would
they limit us when we have to check our b.g. often to get good control?
Well, I know the answer to that...the doctors believe we should only test
like four times a day and be happy with that...

But, when we don't get good a1c's then they're not happy

You'd think by now that these insurance companies would learn that it's much
better to pay out for the test strips than for emergency room visits,
hospital stays and even worse!  Nope, they are still in the dark ages!

Wow, Lily is off to college?  First year?  California?  You don't live in CA
do you?  That's a big move!
Are you going to be calm about this or what?  I know my hubby wasn't to keen
when my son left for college and went to Gainsville which is like two hours
north of us and definitely didn't want his little girl going to Tampa which
is only 40 miles south of us (an hour or less drive)!

Oh well, he learned to deal with it and they learned how to become real
adults and grow up a little!

I know you will be anxious w/Lily since she is diabetic but from what you
have written, sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders and knows how
to take care of herself and how to make adjustments to her basal/bolus....

Just thought it was kind of weird that she is just starting school?  Most
other kids in college started in August already.

I want to wish her the very best of luck and happiness and success and for
you and your wife to remain cool, calm and collected! :) :) :)

Kathy Bruckmeyer
email @ redacted
diab 35 yrs pumping 12/00
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