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Re: [IP] 100 test strips per month is a joke!

At 07:08 PM 9/14/01 -0800, you wrote:

>But...... the usual crap, I went to pick up some strips last night at
>the local drug store and guess what (such a supprise, heh... heh...)
>there is a limit on the number of strips that can be picked up. The
>pharmacist (who is on my side of course) said the system told him the
>limit is 200 strips per month. When I called BS this morning,
>pharmacy services say it's one hundred -- what a joke!
>At the moment, I have the complaint forms from the Insurance
>Commissioner office on the way to me, I'm on hold with the Customer
>Service (NOT) department and am busily trying to tear them a new
>a-hole. sigh..... such fun for a friday morning.

Michael, I'm in the same boat right now, except that my policy is still the 
same.  All of a sudden they've told me the limit is 200 strips per month 
(even though they've already been reimbursing me for 300), but this last 
time they shorted me about $50 on what I paid.  I'm in Michigan, how do I 
get forms from the insurance commissioner?  I don't even know who he/she 
is, I've written to my Congresswoman and State Rep, but haven't gotten a 
reply yet.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Btw, Michigan just 
passed the Diabetes Cost Reduction Act this spring.

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