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[IP] effect of 9/11 event on supplies

In response to Catherine's message:
> I was wondering about what the effect of a war or a
> resulting economic depression would have on us pump
> users. Would we have a harder time getting supplies?
> Could our insurance companies somehow drop us,
> considering our pump use a luxury or force us back to
> injections? I don't mean to sound panicky, but I
> wonder, calmly, about these things. I'm also afraid me
> and/or my pharmacy will run out of supplies.
It's already beginning to happen for some of us. I'd ordered Dex test
sensors from Minimed 8 days ago, hadn't heard anything and called to follow
up. They couldn't get insurance verification, so no sensors. My insurance
company (Empire BC/BS) is (was) headquartered in WTC and is out of
commission for who knows how long.  I have no way of even finding out if
they'll reimburse me if I buy the things down the block. I assume they have
some computer records of their policyholders somewhere, but hard to say how
long it could be before they're functional. By they way, the folks at
Minimed were pleasant and sympathetic (although not enough so to send me the
sensors, but I can't fault them for that!). I believe they said they were
shipping by Fedex but that was backed up for at least a week because of the
"event". I guess I should consider myself lucky since I can afford to front
the money for supplies, at least for a while -- and, seriously, I guess we
complacent, arrogant Americans shouldn't take so much for granted. Please
pardon the rant -- Mary Richman
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