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Re: [IP] Underarm bumps since pumping


not related to pumping, but i have had the lymphnodes under my arms become
swollen (indicating systemic infection)...  also ingrown hairs and
infected follicles have caused similar things..   do they feel like
swollen glands (like in your neck when you're sick) which might imply
lymphnodes..  i.e. go see a doctor....  if they seem localized to the
skin, try a hot compress a few times a day for a day or so, if still no
improvement go see doc....  (at least, this is what my mom always had me

I have had the swollen lymphnodes, ingrown hairs and infected hair
follicles in my armpits, though not recently (just short of pumping 2
years)  i haven't had anything other than swollen lymphnodes the entire
time i've been on the pump...  i only ever had the other two conditions
during periods of time when i shaved my underarms (which is a major
component of why i stopped!)

dx'd 3/89
assimilated 10/99

On Fri, 14 Sep 2001 email @ redacted wrote:
> Has anyone noticed that they have gotten small sore hard little like cysts 
> under their armpits since started pumping?  

Jessica Marder
(617) 513-2845
email @ redacted
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