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[IP] Second Anniversary Contribution

Hi fellow pumpers,

Today marks my second year as a pumper.  For those of you that have been
pumping 10 or 15 years (or more!), that may seem like a pretty short time.
For those in their first month of pumping, 2 years may seem like forever.
But as I reflect on these past 2 years, I have to say that my life has
improved immeasurably by having the opportunity to use an insulin pump.  Is
it more work?  Is it a pain to use?   Does it get in the way?  Yes, yes and
YES!!!  But it is a small investment in a better, more healthful life with
much greater freedom.  No, I wouldn't give it up and go back to syringes,
not on your life.  And one of the things that has made the transition to
using a pump easier has been the wealth of knowledge that I have gained and
shared with all of the people on Insulin-Pumpers.  I continue to learn new
things every week.  And I have had the opportunity to meet the guy who keeps
this whole thing running, Michael Robinton, whose office is within 5 miles
of mine.  For those of you that do not know him, he is a man of many talents
and capabilities that spends an extraordinary amount of his time operating
Insulin-Pumpers.  We are extremely lucky to have such a dedicated fellow
helping us deal with the trials and tribulations of pumping.  So the least I
can do as a member is contribute to the costs of running the site.  Last
year, I decided that I would make an annual contribution on my pumping
anniversary.  So today, I will be dropping off a check with Michael.  I
encourage each of you to do the same, whether it be on your pumping
anniversary or some time.  It does cost a lot to keep the site operating and
I can assure you that no one, especially not Michael, is getting rich off of

Regards to all,

Bob Goodman
South Bay Area
Northern California
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