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[IP] Re: Finding DM-related words in Rabbi's post

You missed LOG.
Jan & Bluda Sue (~_^)

> If you really want to be IN CHARGE of your health, you would need to use
> your GLUCO-se METER a couple of times a day.  It's not so time consuming
> it does TAKE FAST.  If, AT LAST, you'll have a PRECISe[ION] reading, then
> youll know youve taken a SURE STEP towards a healthy and FREE STYLE of
> life, and you'll be held in high PRESTIGE.  It takes only a few XTRA
> and demands but ONE TOUCH.
> Remember that this is only the BASIC plan. The ELITE people among us may
> want to keep a log of all their BG numbers. This would give them the
> ADVANTAGE to INSTANTly see the entire PROFILE and be able to adjust as
> needed.  Watch out for SWEETs N LOW's, and don't ever forget to take your
> vitamins and MEDISENSE.  Now, since you've made the COMFORT CURVE you'll
> notice that SIMPLICITY of life style is on the way.  Good luck! Just keep
> going FWD so we can all feel and be EQUAL, and we should soon see the
> of klal yisrael.
> Rabbi Hirsch Meisels email @ redacted
> Friends With Diabetes - For Jewish people with Diabetes
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