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[IP] Diabetes poem

The following was printed in our Tishrei newsletter, I felt the people on
this list might also enjoy it.

How many Diabetes-related words can you find in here?

If you really want to be IN CHARGE of your health, you would need to use
your GLUCO-se METER a couple of times a day.  It's not so time consuming and
it does TAKE FAST.  If, AT LAST, you'll have a PRECISe[ION] reading, then
youll know youve taken a SURE STEP towards a healthy and FREE STYLE of
life, and you'll be held in high PRESTIGE.  It takes only a few XTRA moments
and demands but ONE TOUCH.
Remember that this is only the BASIC plan. The ELITE people among us may
want to keep a log of all their BG numbers. This would give them the
ADVANTAGE to INSTANTly see the entire PROFILE and be able to adjust as
needed.  Watch out for SWEETs N LOW's, and don't ever forget to take your
vitamins and MEDISENSE.  Now, since you've made the COMFORT CURVE you'll
notice that SIMPLICITY of life style is on the way.  Good luck! Just keep on
going FWD so we can all feel and be EQUAL, and we should soon see the geulah
of klal yisrael.

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels email @ redacted
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