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Re: [IP] Sex and Pumping

> On a more serious note, I'm curious... when partaking in
> sexual activities, what do you fellow pupers prefer to do
> with your pump?  disconnect or just throw it on the bed (or
> where ever) next to you?

I put Fluffy under the pillow, she's shy:) I just leave the pump attached.
My husband very careful to not rip it out, altho there have been a couple
set-removals.Occasionally Fluffy winds up places she should not be and ties
one of us up accidentally. Be careful with tubing. A lot of pumpers just
disconnect. It's easier that way. All depends on how long you'll be
disconnected. I just feel more naked and silly without my pump on. No blood
sugar problems

I just have a free-range pump that wanders loose all the time unless clipped
to my jeans.

Type 1, sorta, since 1985
Pumping since 2/7/00
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