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RE: [IP] High BG's in NY/musings on pumps and economics

I called Minimed yesterday to order some supplies and he didn't say there
would be any problem.  I told him I had six more left so I have about 2-3
weeks supply left.  I never wait until last minute.

However, regarding test strips, I went to pick up my insulin on Tues and
they told me that they were having difficulty in getting my test strips
(accu check comfort strips) and that the notation was "discontinued".  I
asked how that could be and even she thought that was weird so they called
their supplier and they were supposed to be in yesterday.

Unfortunately, after a long day of volunteering at school, I completely
forgot to pick them up and we are having a Tropical Storm here today which
was supposed to hit later on but is already here.

As a matter of fact I have an early morning appt for a lung scan and will
call before I go to make sure that they are going to be open and it is still
ok to be taken and from there, swing west to get my test strips and back

Thankfully I went grocery shopping last night to avoid all of this.

I wouldn't worry about it right now.  Things will pick up and they have
stated that most of everything was being done via ground instead of air so
it might take longer to get but they will get the stuff.

I just got an e mail from Avon stating that we should place our orders on
line due to the mail situation and be patient regarding deliveries not
knowing what will be happening as far as getting everything to our
warehouses....so everyone is affected one way or another.

Well, hang in there and I'm glad you figured out what was triggering your
asthma. I hope you stay out of the air and perhaps with the rain, the sky
will clear.

Unfortunately, it severely hampers the rescue efforts.

Kathy Bruckmeyer
email @ redacted
diab 35 yrs pumping 12/00
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