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[IP] RE: No pump for this Jenn

On Fri, 14 Sep 2001 02:06:57 +0000 you wrote:

Got a letter from my health ins. this morning (CommonHealth) saying that the
request for my pump has been denied.  I can appeal, but I don't know how
much good it will do.

Do it!!  That's what I did - with help from the MiniMed Sales Rep!!  Actually
he did most of the work.  They denied it because my A1C was only 6.8 - which
is "great for a diabetic".  However, I bounced from 300 to 350 when I woke in
teh morning - to 30 to 35 in the afternoons.  The sales rep told me to fax him
my individual readings - not the A1C - and he talked to my insurance company
and got all the approvals taken care of for me!!

Did they tell you Why it was denied?  Or just tell you it was denied?  If they
tell you why - this will give you more ammunition to fight with!!  But keep
fighting!!  It's DEFINITELY worth it!!

Good luck and keep us posted!!

Deb in Southern Illinois
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