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[IP] High BG's in NY/musings on pumps and economics

 and some of those
> they felt were
> responsible actually were trained and lived here in
> FL and who knows if
> there are still others from that cell or others
> living here.

Don't doubt it for one minute!!!!!!!!!!
> We cannot go on living in fear but I can't say as I
> blame you re: Empire St.
> Bldg.  We were told on tv that everyone was
> evacuated from that area...is
> this not true?

Only that block of 34th street. I guess they didn't
take the threat seriuosly enough to go through
evacuating the ten block radius. 
> Hang in there, don't keep raising your basal and
> overshooting if you are
> having low's...you will only go on a rebound and be
> on a constant roller
> coaster...let it ride a little...

Thanks Kathy. I figured out what was wrong. My asthma
has been acting up because of all the dust and smoke
and instead of taking my usual ventolin (short acting
inhaler), I reached for the Serevent which is a
longer-acting (12 hours - steroid?) inhaler. Duh. Oh
well. I'm still on the roller coaster, but now that I
know, hopefully I can rein it in.

I was wondering about what the effect of a war or a
resulting economic depression would have on us pump
users. Would we have a harder time getting supplies?
Could our insurance companies somehow drop us,
considering our pump use a luxury or force us back to
injections? I don't mean to sound panicky, but I
wonder, calmly, about these things. I'm also afraid me
and/or my pharmacy will run out of supplies.  I know
I'll need test strips soon and with no air mail, I
have no chance of getting them through my
insuranced/mail order. 
It's starting to storm here, which means the rescue
efforts will have to stop. Let's all hope it blows
over soon.

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