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Re: [IP] Re: blood donations

On 13 Sep 2001, at 16:25, Amanda Brown wrote:

> I am in Canada and I called the Red Cross yesturday to see if I could
> get into the SIX HOUR line ups in Toronto to give blood.  I also asked
> about eligibility and they said that diabetics could most certainly
> give blood but to make sure that you are under a doctors supervision
> and would have to follow a different meal than normal (high protein)
> also to take along life savers and stuff to stop a low blood sugar but
> the lady I spoke to was very educated on diabetes and was very helpful
> to me.  I am going to wait for those lines to die down a little and I
> myself am going to give blood.  I hope that many will join me and
> donate blood to those who need it.
I would urge everyone to wait at least two weeks before trying to 
donate.  The Blood centers have been overwhelmed with donors 
and do not have the man-(and woman-)power to handle the crowds. 
Current supplies are probably at a very safe level.  That may not be 
true in two weeks though.  Please, call your local centers and 
make appointments, even if months into the future.  Blood is 
needed everyday, but we can't all give at the same time.   :>)

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