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[IP] Sex and Pumping

Dear List Members,

I know that you are all distraught over what happened to us on Tuesday, and
filled with fear over what could be ahead. I appreciate that this disaster
is all consuming. However, I must ask you all to be extra vigilant in not
sending SPAM to the list. You're probably going to receive a lot of it
over the next several weeks regarding the events on Septermber the
11th. Much of it will be filled with patriotic sentiment and may seem like
something you should pass on. Don't.

We have a very strict policy to protect our list members from
SPAM. Specifically, we are required to unsubscribe any member who forwards
a piece of SPAM to the list.

If you aren't sure how to identify SPAM, here is a good rule of thumb. Any
piece of email that urges you to forward it to others--whether that be at
least 10 people or as many people as you can--is probably a piece of
SPAM. This sort of email clogs the internet with redundant traffic, making
it less able to carry valuable messages.

Please help us to keep this list devoted to issues related to diabetes.
Thanks for your continued cooperation,

IP Admin group

p.s. I know the subject line is unrelated, but I got you to read the 
message, didn't I?
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