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[IP] Frustrated and disappointed

Well gang, just color me angry.  I started on the MiniMed 508 pump on Monday.  Guess I was hoping for a quick fix.  BS levels looked fairlyngood the first day.  (Probably due to the Humulin N still left in my body).
	The second day did a lot of fluctuating and looked on my chart like a mountain range.  Still the overall didn't look to bad.
	Wed. night my 3AM reading was up to 284.  Bolused myself and spent all day going from good range to high and repeating this pattern all day long.
	Working with my diabetic pump instructor we agreed to try and test my basal rate today.  So without eating lunch my BS dropped all day ling.  Got shaky in the 90's.  Leveled off at 103.  Still a little to low for me as I function well around 120.
	Ate supper and bolused my carbs @ 8.5u per carb.  1hr  PP I was 125.  At 2hr. PP I am still @ 125.  Will watch closely until bed time but my guess for now is my evening basal rate is fine but my day rate is to high.
	Since I spike at 0300 I need to up my night basal rate a little and lower my rate after breakfast.  Then up my rate just before supper as my evening activity slows down some.

	Does that sound right to you experienced pumpers?  I am open to all suggestions!

Gayle Armstrong (Big V-Twin)
IL.  State Coordinator
 Suzuki Owners Club of America
2000 Suzuki 1500  LC Intruder (Green Machine)
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