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Re: [IP] Re: Its funny.

>I've been thinking the last couple of days about the state of things in our
>country.  I'm sad, I'm so angry and I'm so very proud to be an American.
>I've seen this for the last few months on this list, granted on a smaller
>scale, whenever one of us is in need, everyone rallies.  I think about the
>animals that did this horrific thing to us and ours.  I know that they have
>no clue about what they've done, or what Americans are truly made of.  We
>lost so much three days ago, but I am so proud to see how we as a country
>have rallied.  Its funny, those animals didn't bank on making us stronger.

I concur with your email.  Is there anyway we could use another word than 
animal, for I love animals and I can tell you this animal is not even close 
to what I've been calling these varmints. I can't post on this list what i 
have been calling them for I would have to kick myself off.  <VBG>

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