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Re: [IP] Michael Otten??

No....unfortunately that stunning article is about OUR Michael Otten.  Not
his brother-in-law who is also named Michael Otten.  The MISSING Michael
Otten is a firefighter.  :-(

Still saying prayers.


> Given the stress placed on us by Tuesday's events, when I ran across this
> article I had to post it to find out if this is the person our member
> Otten was hoping was ok.  If I did wrong, let me know, but I thought it
> be important to find out.
> Marj
> " Michael Otten, an assistant vice president at Mizuho Capital Markets,
> headed down the stairs around the 46th floor when the announcement came
> the loudspeakers that the south tower was secure, people could go back to
> their desks or leave the building. He proceeded to the 44th floor, an
> elevator-transfer floor. One elevator loaded up and headed down, then came
> back empty, so he and a crowd of others piled in. One man's backpack kept
> doors from closing. The seconds ticked by. "We wanted to say something,
> the worst thing you can do is go against each other, and just as I thought
> was going to close, it was about 9:00, 9:03, whenever it was that the
> plane crashed into the building. The walls of the elevator caved in; they
> on a couple people." Otten and others groped through the dust to find a
> stairway, but the doors were locked. Finally they found a clearer passage,
> found a stairway they could get into and fled down to the street."
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