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[IP] Support of No More Carry-On Luggage Statement and a Vent

Dana G writes:

My husband works for American Airlines and it is true that no carryons,
purses included will be allowed. Everything must be checked as luggage. This
may only be temporary, but no one knows at this time. I am hoping that with
a Dr.'s note, letter exceptions will be made for medical supplies. I am sure
that there will have to be allowances made. If I hear anything different,
I'll post it asap.
I have gotten a few emails basically saying I was crazy and I should not post 
statements that I make up..... I'm glad there was some clarification here 
even if there are exceptions.  I'm sure with a doc's note we will be allowed 
to bring on our supplies.  Again, all I did was make a statement from which I 
was, once again, flamed and belittled.  I don't pull this s**t out of the air 
and post it to a group of 3500 people for thrills  :O/

To be honest with you, at this point I really don't care what some of you 
think of me.  All I do is try to pass along information.  If you have a 
problem with me, that is on you... I've never done anything to anyone here.  
Again, it is a select few... and they know who they are :O)  No matter what I 
write, it's always the *same* people emailing me privately or even on the 
list with their little comments... but then again, these are the people who 
scrutinize my life because obviously they have nothing better to do...

I love this list and will continue to post what I feel pertinent to the 
majority of us.  There is too much going on in the world right now for these 
"select few" to be worried about what *I* say and what *I* do in my personal 
life.... and they know what I'm talking about!

Sorry for taking up your time!

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