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Re: [IP] anemia

> Jenn:
> Glad to know there is someone else out there w/this problem of anemia.  I
> try to eat lots of dark, green leafy veggies, eat red meat at least once a
> week and take multi vitamins w/iron.  At one point I was taking an iron
> supplement but not even that helped.
> I don't get sick that often since I take daily dosages of Vitamin C (1000
> mg) and I am grateful for that :)
> I guess between my b.g. going up and down and being anemic is one of the
> reasons that I am so tired all of the time but I can't remember a time that
> a dr. didn't tell me I'm anemic.
> Funny thing though, once my brother had his kidney/pancreas transplant he
> has too many red blood cells now!  But he was just anemic and didn't have
> the Med one...oh well...just another thing to deal with in our lives! :)
Actually, if you could eat a bit more meat like three times a week, and make
that liver, you may find a bit of an improvement. Vegetable are good, but as
they also contain amounts of calcium, this will in a sense 'block' some iron
absorption. And vice-versa. Try to eat meat and use healthier choices of
Loin, Leaner cuts of Beef and veal.

Just a thought.

-- Jenny Sutherland
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