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[IP] Re: Upcoming Laser Surgery

 > Posted on behalf of Susan B. Hancock <email @ redacted>
 > With all that has happened recently I feel a little selfish but I am
 > concerned
 > about some laser surgery scheduled for Friday. I've been a diabetic for 14
 > years and have never had any problems with my eyes until recently. 3 weeks
 > ago I went in for an exam and after injecting me with dye, told me that I
 > had
 > some leakage in my right eye and he wanted to laser it. I don't have any
 > noticeable problems with my eyes

That is one problem with eye disease.  There is often no vision problems 
until it's too late.

 > and am not too fond of someone pointing
 > lasers at them. How would I know if I truly need this? What if the doctor
 > just has a car payment he needs to make?

If you don't trust your doctor, or want to make sure, get a second opinion.

 > He didn't give me a lot of
 > information and I really didn't know what questions to ask.
 > Susan

If you had the dye and pictures he should be able to show it to you.  It is 
far, FAR, better to get this discovered, and fixed early.  You will have 
far less laser when it is caught quickly.  I have had 7 laser surgeries and 
am EXTREMELY glad I had it done/

Jack email @ redacted
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