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[IP] Re: No More Carry-On Luggage!

 > I think the plastic knives they are talking about are either theese "box"
 > knives which have plastic handles and disposable steel blades for opening
 > shipping boxes, or knives with a synthetic ceramic blade which probably
 > do not show up well on x-ray.
 > Gene

I believe that much of this is still up in the air.  That is one reason why 
they have not released the planes for awhile and that the restrictions in 
the short term will be more stringent than those in the future, when they 
will have more time to make comprehensive regulations.  Some have mentioned 
that they will no longer be able to have their Swiss army knife.  There are 
many things that can be used offensively which would be considered benign 
in a search or X-Ray (screw drivers, sprays, electrical shock devices, 
straight edge shaving blades, etc.).  Questionable items would probably be 
stored separately.  We won't know what the final restrictions will be for 
awhile.  I cannot believe that dm'ers could not bring supplies, women 
purses, business persons brief cases, etc. although they will now be 
thoroughly, and expertly, searched.  With minimum wage security personnel 
this has not happened in the past.

We have all lost much of our freedom on Tuesday.

Jack email @ redacted
Please watch for the missing, especially my son.
I did what my conscience told me to do, and you
can't fail if you do that.
  - Anita Hill
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