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Re: [IP] Re: blood donation-Barbara B. and Sue K.

At 08:16 AM 9/13/2001 Sue Kinzelman wrote:
 >Yes, it eventually split into two subjects:
 >            One was that giving someone an overdose of insulin could hurt
 >            And two: would insulin in a donor's blood hurt the recipient,
 >and therefore preclude a type 1 from giving blood.
 >Barbara said that insulin in a donor's blood would not hurt a recipient
 >because it would be dealt with right away, (which I disagreed with). If
 >it's a small amount then probably... Then someone else pointed out that the
 >blood would be purified before being given to a recipient, so the insulin
 >remaining might be very small. .
 >I know people who take hundreds of units a day. Can the blood cleaning
 >process remove all insulin?

Every person has insulin in their bloodstream. You can't live very long 
without it. When you bolus or inject, the insulin goes subcutaneously, not 
directly into the bloodstream. As such, it may take hours to fully get into 
your system and even then, it will react with the glucose in your 
bloodstream (that's the way it works). If you have more glucose than 
insulin your BG levels are high. If you have more insulin than glucose then 
your BG levels are low. Therefore, if your blood glucose levels are normal 
then the levels of insulin in your bloodstream should also be relatively 
normal too.

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