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[IP] Diabetic baby not developed?

Hmmm I had twins a bit less than 2 years ago, and have
had 3 pregnancies successfully delivered, and had not
heard this logic -- however I had definitely heard
that babies born to diabetic women do not mature as
quickly in the womb as babies of non-diabetic women.
However, that 40-week thing was not ever talked about.
38 weeks was still the benchmark. I was, however, made
to endure an amniocentesis at 36 weeks to see if the
twins' lungs were mature, and as there was not enough
amniotic fluid (of course) they made me wait another
week and a half to deliver the twins at 37 1/2 weeks.
They were unsure of lung maturity and didn't want to
chance it, even though my terrible control at that
point was making all of us pause. They were delivered
at 6 pounds 7 ounces apiece and 10/10 apgar scores, my
assumption is of course that they should have allowed
delivery, but it makes no sense to worry about it now,
hindsight being 20/20. 

Anyhow, I wanted to say hello to all of you. I started
pumping with a Disetronic H-Tron pump 3+ years ago,
and then got pregnant with twins and of course since
they were born have not taken any time to pay
attention to my diabetes other than taking my blood
sugars and just living day to day. I will be going to
the Joslin Clinic in late October, and started reading
up on the new pump technology because I am wondering
if it's time to get a new pump. I have had problems
with both of my pumps just because they are now older,
and have had both of them sent in and checked out,
they are both running fine now but it kind of made me
realize that it's time to start looking around and
seeing what is out there now. Has anybody used the new
DTRON pump, or heard anything about the Dahedi? Just
interested....and have the static problems with the
Minimeds or the noise they make during insulin
delivery changed yet? I feel very out of the loop...

<< She said that babies of diabetic women do not
develop as fast
 in the womb as babies of non-diabetic women.  She
said that most 
babies at
 38 weeks gestational are developed enough to be
delivered but those of
 diabetic women are probably not developed as much and
should wait 
until the
 full term of 40 weeks to be delivered.  Has anyone
heard of this?   >>

I never heard of this.  When I had my daughter almost
18 yrs ago, the 
was that they would not be getting enough oxygen in
the last few weeks 
think due to the placenta being 'used' up) and there
was a risk of 
stillborns.  They did stress tests (monitored her
heart rate after she 
2X week starting at 36 weeks to make sure she was OK
and if she wasn't 
they would have done a test to see if the lungs were
developed enough 
induce delivery.  I was told that they would not let
me go past my due 
She was born at 38 1/2 weeks - a healthy 8lbs, 4 oz.

Type 1 - 28 years, pump 2 years
During pregnancy I took only 2 shots a day and had
great blood sugars - 
you believe it!
- ----------------

"It's not whether you win or lose, it's if you get some sleep!"

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