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[IP] Upcoming Laser Surgery

I too have beginning retinopathy that does not affect my vision. My doctor
said that due to my youth (31) that operating was not a good idea. You can
have several laser surgery operations in your lifetime, but here is a limit.
So, until there is actual visual impairment we are delaying surgery. The
retinopathy diagnosis was what prompted me to go on a pump after being T1
for 19 years. And I have not had any increase in the amount of leakage
since, due to the better control I have been able to achieve. Get a second
opinion from a retinopathic or vitreous ophthalmologist.

>>Posted on behalf of Susan B. Hancock :
With all that has happened recently I feel a little selfish but I am
concerned about some laser surgery scheduled for Friday. I've been a
diabetic for 14
years and have never had any problems with my eyes until recently. 3 weeks
ago I went in for an exam and after injecting me with dye, told me that I
had some leakage in my right eye and he wanted to laser it. I don't have any
noticeable problems with my eyes and am not too fond of someone pointing
lasers at them. How would I know if I truly need this? What if the doctor
just has a car payment he needs to make? He didn't give me a lot of
information and I really didn't know what questions to ask.
Amy B. Anderson
Apple Product Professional

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