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Re: [IP] ALive in New York

       Hello everyone, it's Lisette.  When all this first starting happening 
I was starting to get Heaven ready to go to the doctors when I heard on the 
radio that a plane crashed into the world trade center.  Everyone thought it 
would have been an accident when 15min later the other plane crashed into the 
second tower.  I thought I was going to fall into a billion pieces.  I live 
in New York.  I live in the borough of Queens.  I can't explain to anyone the 
pain in my heart and my soul.  I know personally people who worked in that 
area who thank God have gotten out alive, but are so traumatized to seeing 
the lives and all the damage that's been done to our beautiful city.  I was 
freaking out because my dad works for the city and he was called out to help 
out Me and my Mom could not sleep.  He left at 4:00 p.m. and did not return 
until 5:30 in the morning.  He said "what you see on television does not even 
compare to what you see in person."  
       I can't help to cry and feel so hurt.  I know New Yorkers are strong, 
and we'll get through this.  But it's just really hard to never see those 
beautiful towers of New York.
I'm also proud to be a New Yorker because from stories I've heard everyone 
was helping one another.  It's just real weird because just this past 
Saturday. I was around that area and to think something so horrible would 
happen.  It wasn't even a thought.  Also I live maybe 30 min away from JFK 
Airport and usually you hear planes passing by like every 10 min.  It's 
something you learn to live with in this area.  To hear total silence, the 
only planes you hear are the fighter planes is a very scary feeling.

       I know I'm only supposed to talk about diabetes, but right now that 
seems to be a little problem compare to those of who's have to deal with so 
many bigger ones.  I'm sorry everyone but this is just something I had to let 
out.  I love New York.  I also Love my country.  God Bless all of us.

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