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RE: [IP] No More Carry-On Luggage!

--- Kathy Bruckmeyer <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Fran
> Don't be so down.  We are all in a state of shock
> that this could happen to
> our country but I truly believe that our security
> has been very lax these
> past few years and that it needs to be much
> stronger.
My brother is a pilot for United and he said that
noone who works at the airport - pilots, stews, food
handlers, people who clean the planes - have to go
through security checks before work. He said a friend
of his had a picture of his cat on his ID where his
own picture was supposed to be. He also said he
wouldn't be surprised to find this was an inside job. 
Last night we were eating at a restaurant near the
foot of the Empire State building and we saw a lot of
ambulances and cop cars whiz by. We found out there
was a bomb threat made at the Empire State building. I
immediately got up from the table and announced I was
leaving and everyone acted like I was crazy and poked
fun at me. I don't care - this is all serious and
people aren't thinking clearly. Someone followed me
into the street and said "What's wrong? I don't
understand." I didn't feel like being on the damn F
train underground when something happened. And I don't
feel like drinking and rehashing every single event
while people are (hopefully?) still alive under that
I still can't get my damn BG's down. I raise my basal
rate .1 and I crash, repeatedly.
Good thoughts to everyone. Sorry to sound so

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