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Re: [IP] No More Carry-On Luggage

It looks likes there WILL be carry on luggage allowed, at least from this 

New FAA Security Measures

Wednesday September 12 7:13 PM ET
New FAA Security Measures
By The Associated Press,
Security measures taken by the Federal Aviation Administration (news - web 
sites) in response to Tuesday's terrorist attacks:
-Uniformed security personnel at airports.
-A ban on curbside check-ins, and on off-airport check-ins.
-Visitors no longer will be allowed to pass through security checkpoints to 
pick up passengers at the gate.
-Knives and other cutting tools, including plastic ones, are prohibited. 
Previously, knives smaller than four inches long, such as Swiss Army 
knives, were allowed on board.
-Random identification checks of passengers.
-Identification checks of employees and vendors.
-Matching all luggage to passengers, meaning that a bag cannot be carried 
onboard an airplane unless the passenger is onboard as well.
-Increased use of hand-held metal detectors for passengers, and searches of 
carry-on luggage.
-Searches of all airplanes before passengers board, including cabins and 
cargo holds.
-Increased use of bomb-sniffing dogs or explosive detection machines for 
checked baggage.
-Reduced access to runways and other secure areas of airports.


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