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[IP] Re: IP] diabetic baby not developed???

On Wed, 12 Sep 2001 14:57:13 -0400 Mel...31 weeks pregnant and counting down
:)  wrote:

At my Ob/Gyn appointment last week my doctor told me something that kind of
startled me.  She said that babies of diabetic women do not develop as fast
in the womb as babies of non-diabetic women.  She said that most babies at
38 weeks gestational are developed enough to be delivered but those of
diabetic women are probably not developed as much and should wait until the
full term of 40 weeks to be delivered.  Has anyone heard of this?  I have
done extensive research on diabetic pregnancies and I have never heard this


I have never heard of this either.  When I had my first appointment with the
perinatologist (I was 17-1/2 weeks along before I even found out I was
pregnant!!) he told me right away to plan on having the baby as soon as the
lungs were developed after 36 weeks.  They were planning to do an
amniocentesis as soon as I hit 36 weeks, and if the baby's lungs were
developed - inducing labor.  (We ended up having an emergency C-section at
32-1/2 weeks because my blood pressure got too high - and other than his lungs
not being quite developed - he was fine).  He told me that type 1 diabetics,
and especially Class D (anyone who has had diabetes for over 20 years or found
out before the age of 10 - I was 5-1/2 when I found out and had been diabetic
a little over 20 years when Billy was born) tended to develop more
complications between 36 and 40 weeks.  I won't scare you like he did me and
give you details.  But nobody ever mentioned anything about taking longer to
develop.  36 weeks is usually when the lungs are fully developed - that's why
when someone goes into preterm labor, they try to stop it until at least 36

Hope this helps!!  If you'd like, you can e-mail me privately with any
questions or just to talk.  email @ redacted

Deb in Southern Illinois
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