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RE: [IP] Re; blood donation

On Wed, 12 Sep 2001 14:53:06 -0400  James Handsfield wrote:

>I am a cytomegalovirus (CMV) free donor, which means my blood gets special
>because it can be given to infants.  Most adults are CMV carriers.

Wow!!  Is all I can say!!  My son was a preemie - he was 5-1/2 weeks early and
his lungs weren't developed.  The doctors told me that he may need a blood
transfusion because of all the ABGs they were drawing to keep an eye on his
lungs.  He is O- (of course - the most unusual type out there!)  I've worked
in the medical field long enough to know that blood transfusions are perfectly
safe - but for my peace of mind - I wanted to know the donor!!  My mom's boss
was O- and as soon as she heard that Billy was going to need blood and was
also O-, she took off work and went and donated.

I asked at the hospital the next day if it would work, because if it wouldn't
- my husband was going to donate.  They said they had nothing saying it
wouldn't so they assumed it was fine.  (I know - assume - big mistake!!)  I
went in the next day to see him and he had a blood transfusion going.  When I
asked if it was the direct donated stuff they said "No, it wouldn't work
because it was CMV positive"  At first, I was p*ssed off - because nobody had
even called me to let me know he was definitely getting a transfusion - OR
that the direct donated blood wouldn't work!!  But, after I calmed down
enough, I realized that all blood from the blood banks is completely safe.

Sorry for all my rambling!!

Anyway, I am so glad for people like you James!!!

Deb in Southern Illinois
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