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Re: [IP] ;(

Ok Ashley,
 It seems you are in need of the fast fix. My posts work this way. I'll tell
you what I think and then someone will correct me and tell you what you
really should do..ok?

This is the quick and dirty way of checking your basil rates.
A good way to check your basils is to fast. Skip a meal and skip the bolus.
Check you blood sugars often to see what that basil rate is doing to you. If
you BS climbs to much (you are high at next meal time)...your basil is too
low...If it drops too much (you get hypo)...basil is is too high.

Once you KNOW your basils are right, you can fine tune your bolus. When
tuning your bolus you will know that your BS is being affected by only 2
varibles..the meal you eat and the bolus that you take for it, because the
fasting test has told you that the basil rate is correct..

Hopefully, once you have the basils right, then you will have the option of
eating late or even skipping the meal.

However, since you had blood in you infusion set, your high sugar could very
well have been caused by the infusion set coming loose. Which is another
subject that is often discussed here- James
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